When Should I Purchase Domain Names?

Purchase Domain Names

This blog focuses on the legal aspects of choosing and securing a trademark.  But picking a name also comes with several practical questions.  One of the most important of these is determining when to purchase domain names.  After all, you can end up infringing when you purchase someone else’s trademark as a domain.  You also … Read moreWhen Should I Purchase Domain Names?

Streamlined Trademark Cancellation Considered by USPTO

streamlined trademark cancellation

In a recent blog post, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office said that it may add a streamlined trademark cancellation proceeding.  This process would focus on canceling trademark registrations for marks that are not in use.  Of course, they are still researching this option.  And it may be years before it comes to fruition (if … Read moreStreamlined Trademark Cancellation Considered by USPTO

Trademark Priority: When Should I Register My Trademark?

trademark priority

In the United States, you get trademark rights by using your trademark in commerce.  When there is a dispute over a trademark, a major issue is determining which party had trademark priority.  In other words, “who established rights first?”  You should file your trademark application as early as possible to prevent a situation where someone else … Read moreTrademark Priority: When Should I Register My Trademark?

What Are Confusingly Similar Trademarks?

Confusingly Similar

When the Trademark Office reviews your application, they are checking it in several ways.  They will check and see if you have submitted a proper specimen.  They also make sure that your mark is distinctive enough to be registered.  One check that they always perform is a trademark search.  This search checks to see if … Read moreWhat Are Confusingly Similar Trademarks?