Trademark & Copyright Services

I can assist clients with any trademark services that they might require, including:

Trademark Search

Before filing a trademark application, it is almost always a good idea to conduct a trademark search.  My search of the U.S. Trademark Office can help give us a better idea about whether your mark is available for federal trademark registration.

Trademark Application

Having an experienced trademark attorney prepare and file your U.S. trademark application can help you to avoid costly mistakes.

Trademark Registration

The trademark registration process is not as simple as filing an application and getting your registration certificate in the mail.  I can assist you with filing a response to any office actions that you might receive.  I can also assist you with defending your application from a trademark opposition (or filing an opposition against a pending application).  If you filed your application on an Intent to Use Basis, I can prepare and file a Request for an Extension of Time or the Statement of Use, as well.

Trademark Renewal

It is important to make sure that you file your trademark renewals on time to avoid losing your registration, as well as your original filing date which is important for trademark infringement matters.

Trademark Cancellation

Whether someone has filed a Petition for Cancellation against your trademark registration, or you would like to file against someone else’s registration, I can represent you in your Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings.

Trademark Infringement Matters

Trademark infringement can be a serious issue.  Whether you received a cease and desist letter alleging that you have been infringing, or if you have become aware of others infringing upon your mark, I will advise and represent you.

Trademark Assignment

When you need to transfer ownership of a trademark, it is important that you do so correctly.  Mistakes in a trademark assignment can mean that the mark goes abandoned or that a trademark registration for the mark becomes subject to cancellation.

Copyright Registration

When you make a creative work, you want to make sure that you receive recognition for doing so.  The last thing you want is for others to copy or claim credit for your work.  Registering with the Copyright Office helps you to protect your work, should you ever become aware that others are infringing upon it.

Copyright Infringement Matters

If you receive a copyright cease and desist letter, or if you believe that someone else is infringing upon your creative works, you should speak with an attorney.  I will assist you with your copyright infringement matters, making sure that you are advised of your rights and will advocate for you.