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Check Your Trademark Status with the USPTO

trademark status

Once you have filed a federal trademark application, you will want to check its status from time to time.  Fortunately, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office records are all online.  They are also generally easy to access.  Keep in mind that if you provided the USPTO with your email address, you should receive an update … Read more

Request for Reconsideration After Final Office Action

Request for Reconsideration

After filing a trademark application, you will have to wait several months for the Trademark Office to review your application.  If the examining attorney reviewing your application sees a problem, they will issue an office action.  Some of these issues can be easily addressed.  However, some issues are nearly impossible to overcome.  If you respond … Read more

What Is “Use In Commerce” of My Trademark?

Use In Commerce

Trademark rights in the United States are primarily based on use of the trademark.  To establish trademark rights, you generally have to have “use in commerce” of your trademark with products and/or services.  Once use is established, you can acquire common law trademark rights.  However, these rights are relatively limited.  Through federal trademark registration with the … Read more

What Is a Trademark Specimen?


Trademark law in the United States is unique in several ways.  For example, you generally have to use your trademark in commerce before you can obtain a federal trademark registration.  To show use, you will have to provide evidence called a trademark “specimen” to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office as part of the application process.  … Read more

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