Trademark Engine Provides More DIY Gone Wrong

Trademark Engine

There are so many faux-legal trademark services out there that it is hard to keep count.  In the past, I have written about LegalZoom and Trademarkia.  In this post, I want to talk about Trademark Engine.  Trademark Engine claims to simplify the process for trademark registration.  But instead, they will charge you for services that … Read moreTrademark Engine Provides More DIY Gone Wrong

Finding a Good Trademark Attorney Online

good trademark attorney

If my blog has an overall “theme,” it would be that working with a trademark attorney is an investment that every business needs to make.  I have many posts explaining why you shouldn’t hire LegalZoom or Trademarkia for this important work.  I’ve also covered why you shouldn’t try to do it yourself.  But picking just … Read moreFinding a Good Trademark Attorney Online

My Favorite Trademark Podcast Episodes

Trademark Podcast Episodes

You often hear that we are in a “Golden Age of Television.”  And while there are a lot of high-budget quality shows being made (such as Game of Thrones), television is not the Golden Age that I’m excited about.  Instead, my current obsession is taking a step back to the audio-only entertainment era.  I cannot … Read moreMy Favorite Trademark Podcast Episodes

Famous Copyright Cases: Name That “Tunes” Edition

Famous Copyright Cases

When it comes to music, it is impossible to be completely original.  All artists have influences that affect the music that they write.  And the songs that we hear sometimes lodge themselves in the back of our minds.  So whether conscious or not, new music can always be traced back to something that has been … Read moreFamous Copyright Cases: Name That “Tunes” Edition