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What Is a Dead Trademark at the USPTO?

Dead Trademark

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has its own search system that allows users to see what trademarks are pending/registered.  TESS is a great tool for conducting a preliminary (or “knockout”) search.  However, if you do not have experience with trademarks, the results can be confusing.  One element of that is the distinction between trademarks … Read more

Trademark Modernization Act Shakes Up Trademark Law

Trademark Modernization Act

At the end of 2020, most of the country was focused on Covid-relief legislation.  But on December 27, 2020, the Trademark Modernization Act was signed into law.  This law promises an overhaul of many aspects of trademark law.  The changes will go into effect at the end of 2021, and will impact the trademark application … Read more

USPTO Delays Cause Headaches for Applicants

USPTO delays

The United States Patent & Trademark Office is, generally speaking, a pretty reliable government agency.  It generates its own revenue in the form of trademark and patent filing fees.  This allows it to stay open, even during government shutdowns in the recent past.  The USPTO occasionally suffers from I.T. issues around its electronic filing system.  … Read more

What Is a Trademark Disclaimer Requirement?

disclaimer requirement

There are many reasons that you might receive an office action once your trademark application has been reviewed.  A common reason for which you might receive an office action is that the Trademark Examining Attorney is requiring a disclaimer.  Entering a disclaimer is easy and a no-brainer in most cases.  However, disclaimers are important and … Read more

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