Restaurant Trademark Tips That Will Serve You Well

restaurant trademark

While I serve clients in a wide variety of industries, I’m always a little extra excited to work with new restaurants.  It is a difficult and competitive industry, without a doubt.  But seeing someone succeed and being able to assist in that is especially rewarding.  There are also some unique considerations for restaurant trademarks of … Read moreRestaurant Trademark Tips That Will Serve You Well

Pricing Changes

As the year is drawing to a close, I wanted to let you know about the following pricing changes that are being made for 2019 (both for my services as well as  Beginning January 1, the fee for a federal trademark search will increase to $300, and the fee for preparing and filing a U.S. trademark application will increase to $800 (which … Read morePricing Changes

BILLY GOAT Trademark Dispute Continues St. Louis/Chicago Rivalry

Billy Goat Trademark

There are many reasons why St. Louis and Chicago make for good Midwestern rival cities.  There’s the Cardinals/Cubs baseball rivalry.  There is also the Blackhawks/Blues rivalry (which is really just the reverse of the Cardinals/Cubs).  These two cities have been major economic competitors, as well.  But most people are not aware of the more recent … Read moreBILLY GOAT Trademark Dispute Continues St. Louis/Chicago Rivalry

When Should I Purchase Domain Names?

Purchase Domain Names

This blog focuses on the legal aspects of choosing and securing a trademark.  But picking a name also comes with several practical questions.  One of the most important of these is determining when to purchase domain names.  After all, you can end up infringing when you purchase someone else’s trademark as a domain.  You also … Read moreWhen Should I Purchase Domain Names?