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What Is a Statement of Use? What Must It Include?

Statement of Use

When filing a trademark application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, there are two main filing statuses that you are likely to use.  These are “In Use” and “Intent To Use,” as discussed in this previous blog post.  If you have filed on an Intent To Use basis, you will have to eventually file … Read more

St. Louis Blues Trademarks

St. Louis Blues Trademarks

A few months ago, I was feeling hobbled by my sports hobby.  To borrow from the show Community, “it was the darkest timeline” for sports in St. Louis.  The Rams, which weren’t exactly a ray of sunlight the last ten years in St. Louis, had somehow managed to make things worse by packing up and … Read more

How Long Does Trademark Registration Usually Take?

How Long Does It Take to Get a Trademark Registration?

Many clients want to know up front how long it will take to obtain a trademark registration.  Time and money are big factors in most business decision-making scenarios, and this is no different.  The time it takes to obtain a trademark registration can vary dramatically.  But there are several things about the time it takes to … Read more

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