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Schlafly Trademark Dispute Goes Beyond Family Feud

Schlafly Trademark

This is a new type of post that I might do from time to time: reviews of big trademark cases in the news.  I’m hoping to break down some trademark stories you may have heard about.  But I want to do that in a way that’s easy to understand.  And I want it to be entertaining.  The Schlafly trademark … Read more

What Are Trademark Classes? Do More Classes Cost More?

Trademark Classes

When filing a trademark application, it is important that you correctly identify the goods and/or services that you are selling (or intend to sell, depending on your filing basis) in connection with your mark.  If you claim more products/services than you actually sell, then your trademark registration may be susceptible to cancellation.  Many trademarks are used … Read more

What Is a Proper Specimen? Showing Use of Your Mark


Before the Trademark Office will grant you a registration, you must first show use of your trademark in commerce.  There are a couple different ways that you might show use.  If you file your trademark application on an In Use basis, then you will show your use in the application.  However, if you file on … Read more

Why Register My Trademark? What Advantages Are There?

Register Trademark

In an earlier post, I discussed some of the differences between common law trademark rights, and the rights that you receive through trademark registration.  Many business owners are not even aware of trademark law, or the need to protect their marks.  And some owners that are aware of trademarks assume that their common law trademark … Read more

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