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Top 5 Game of Thrones Trademarks

Game of Thrones Trademarks

Whether you watch it or not, you probably have heard by now that the new season of Game of Thrones begins tonight on HBO.  Well, I’m definitely in the former category, and thought I would celebrate with a GoT-related post.  Admittedly, I’m hooked hard.  For me, the summer of 2012 will always be notable for … Read more

What Is a Trademark Opposition? How Does It Work?

Trademark Opposition

There are two main obstacles that you might face during the trademark registration process.  The first is the office action.  But if you do not receive an office action, or overcome any issues raised by one, your application will be published for 30 days.  During this publication period, another party can file an opposition against your application, or ask … Read more

What Do the TM Symbol and ® Mean?

TM Symbol

Most people probably see a trademark used in combination with the TM symbol or the ® symbol almost every day.  But unless you have a business where you are consciously using trademarks, you may not know exactly what they mean.  And even if you are using trademarks, you may not know exactly how these symbols should be … Read more

Different Kinds of Trademarks: Levels of Distinctiveness

Kinds of Trademarks

In my trademark search and trademark application posts, I said that not all trademarks are eligible for registration.  That is one reason you should speak to a trademark attorney before filing an application.  There are actually several kinds of trademarks, and only some of them can be registered.  This post will look at the idea … Read more

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