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Top 5 Game of Thrones Trademarks

Game of Thrones Trademarks

Whether you watch it or not, you probably have heard by now that the new season of Game of Thrones begins tonight on HBO.  Well, I’m definitely in the former category, and thought I would celebrate with a GoT-related post.  Admittedly, I’m hooked hard.  For me, the summer of 2012 will always be notable for … Read more

What Do the TM Symbol and ® Mean?

TM Symbol

Most people probably see a trademark used in combination with the TM symbol or the ® symbol almost every day.  But unless you have a business where you are consciously using trademarks, you may not know exactly what they mean.  And even if you are using trademarks, you may not know exactly how these symbols should be … Read more

Top 3 St. Louis Cardinals Trademarks We Need

St. Louis Cardinals Trademarks

Well, it’s finally here! We are just a few hours away from first pitch, with my St. Louis Cardinals taking on the Pirates in Pittsburgh.  Opening Day has always been one of my favorite not-officially-recognized national holidays, so for today I thought I would have a little fun.  There are a number of St. Louis … Read more

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