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BILLY GOAT Trademark Dispute Continues St. Louis/Chicago Rivalry

Billy Goat Trademark

There are many reasons why St. Louis and Chicago make for good Midwestern rival cities.  There’s the Cardinals/Cubs baseball rivalry.  There is also the Blackhawks/Blues rivalry (which is really just the reverse of the Cardinals/Cubs).  These two cities have been major economic competitors, as well.  But most people are not aware of the more recent … Read more

Hasbro Registers Scent Trademark for Play-Doh

Scent Trademark

While we most often think of trademarks as names, logos, or slogans, there are many other types as well.  A scent trademark is exceedingly rare, but does exist.  You might think that they would be more common.  After all, you frequently hear that scent strongly tied to memory.  However, it is difficult to register a … Read more

Immoral and Scandalous Trademarks Allowed Registration

Scandalous Trademarks

Occasionally, I’ll speak with someone that wants to register a trademark featuring a curse word.  There are many different ones to choose from, but it seems strange to me that someone would want to build a brand around one.  Until this week, trademark registration was not an option in these cases as Section 2(a) of … Read more

Supreme Court Allows Registration of THE SLANTS Trademark

SLANTS Trademark

Last year I wrote about an upcoming Supreme Court case that would have important repercussions for trademark law.  The Supreme Court released their decision in that case (now named Matal v. Tam) this morning.  The case centered around Simon Tam, bassist and founder of a rock band called The Slants.  Tam tried to register his THE … Read more

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