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The Flat Fee Trademark Pricing Philosophy

Flat Fee Trademark

My practice focuses on helping mostly small businesses to protect their trademarks and to help them avoid trademark infringement.  I understand the concerns that these business owners have about cost, because I am also a small business owner.  That is why I offer flat fee trademark services to my clients as much as possible.  Cost … Read more

LegalZoom Trademark Reviews Show Dangers of DIY Services

LegalZoom Trademark Reviews

Part of being a trademark attorney is helping others to make sound business decisions.  Much of my site is devoted to speaking out against DIY trademark services for this reason.  While I think that they are a waste of money, I understand if you are skeptical.  After all, what attorney is going to support his … Read more

Is a Secretary of State Trademark Search Good Enough?

Secretary of State trademark

Today’s blog post is kind of like a Mythbusters segment.  I want to address a common misconception about trademark searches.  The misconception is that doing a Secretary of State trademark search using the “corporation search” will prevent you from infringing upon someone else’s trademark rights.  That is simply not true.  But I still hear this from … Read more

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