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What Is a Dead Trademark at the USPTO?

Dead Trademark

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has its own search system that allows users to see what trademarks are pending/registered.  TESS is a great tool for conducting a preliminary (or “knockout”) search.  However, if you do not have experience with trademarks, the results can be confusing.  One element of that is the distinction between trademarks … Read more

What Is an Extension of Time? How Many Can I File?

Extension of Time

When you file a trademark application on an Intent To Use basis, there is an additional step to the process.  Before you get your trademark registration, you will need to show use of the mark in commerce in connection with all of the goods or services listed in your application.  This is done by submitting … Read more

Should I Register My Trademark Logo or Business Name?

Trademark Logo

When registering trademarks, new businesses often instinctively focus on their trademark logo.  That may be because more work goes into creating a logo.  You hire a graphic designer to make a logo, which often becomes the basis for the look and design of a website and other marketing tools.  Trademark logos can often be very … Read more

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