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SCOTUS Lowers Bar for Trademark Infringement Damages

infringement damages

Whenever there is an important Supreme Court ruling in trademark law, I like to write summaries about the case.  Recently, the Supreme Court made its ruling in Romag Fasteners, Inc. v. Fossil Group, Inc.  This case dealt with trademark infringement damages, and when they can be awarded.  Before this case, there was a split in the … Read more

Fair Use: A Summary for Trademark and Copyright Law

Fair Use

“Fair use” is a type of defense against claims of infringement in both trademark and copyright law.  For that reason, this post will be a rare trademark/copyright crossover.  But even though these defenses share the “fair use” name, they are different for trademarks versus copyrights. Fair Use In Trademark Law Most people are probably more familiar … Read more

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