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What Is “Use In Commerce” of My Trademark?

Use In Commerce

Trademark rights in the United States are primarily based on use of the trademark.  To establish trademark rights, you generally have to have “use in commerce” of your trademark with products and/or services.  Once use is established, you can acquire common law trademark rights.  However, these rights are relatively limited.  Through federal trademark registration with the … Read more

What Are the Different Types of Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property

Most people have never consulted with an intellectual property attorney, but still understand the most basic principle of intellectual property: that creations or inventions can be owned the same way that you might own a house or a baseball card collection.  Although they are frequently bundled together under the term “IP,” there are actually several … Read more

Is My Domain Name a Trademark?

Domain Name

In today’s business world, it is crucial to have a quality website that generates web traffic.  Companies spend a ton of money on web design, search engine optimization, and even the domain names they use.  Domain names often sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars, and a good domain name can make a website more … Read more

What Is Trademark Abandonment?

Most of my blog posts focus on how you can acquire trademark rights.  In this post, I will be discussing the opposite: situations where trademark rights are lost.  When someone loses trademark rights, it is called trademark abandonment.  Since trademarks are very valuable business assets, companies want to avoid abandonment at all costs. What Is Trademark Abandonment? … Read more

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