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Using Design Marks to Avoid Descriptiveness Refusals

design marks

When a new business seeks protection for its trademark, generally we start with protection for its name.  The name is usually their most commercially valuable trademark.  Also, there are many reasons to start with the name itself, rather than a logo that incorporates the name.  However, in some cases it may make more sense to … Read more

Why Should I Register My Online Business Trademark?

online business trademark

A good percentage of my clients operate online-only businesses.  These include businesses that make and sell products through their own websites, Amazon, or other similar platforms.  I also work with businesses that offer services online, such as website design, marketing services, or providing software-related services.  In fact, my own trademark law practice is conducted almost … Read more

Should I Ever Call a Trademark Owner?

trademark owner

The last few weeks I have had several conversations with prospective clients that have made a major mistake.  When conducting their own common law or knockout searches, they found potentially conflicting trademarks.  But instead of consulting with an attorney, they then contacted the trademark owner directly.  There are various reasons why you might be tempted to … Read more

Restaurant Trademark Tips That Will Serve You Well

restaurant trademark

While I serve clients in a wide variety of industries, I’m always a little extra excited to work with new restaurants.  It is a difficult and competitive industry, without a doubt.  But seeing someone succeed and being able to assist in that is especially rewarding.  There are also some unique considerations for restaurant trademarks of … Read more

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