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When Should I Purchase Domain Names?

Purchase Domain Names

This blog focuses on the legal aspects of choosing and securing a trademark.  But picking a name also comes with several practical questions.  One of the most important of these is determining when to purchase domain names.  After all, you can end up infringing when you purchase someone else’s trademark as a domain.  You also … Read more

Band Trademarks: What You Should Know

Band trademarks

Intellectual property rights are especially important in the music industry.  Musicians are creators, and we primarily think of their work as the songs protected by copyright law.  But a musician’s brand is also important, whether that brand consists of a stage name for a solo performer or a band.  Band trademarks and stage names have … Read more

Do I Need a Business Entity for My Trademark?

Business entity

One frequent question I get is whether someone can (or should) own a trademark as an individual, or whether they need a corporation, LLC, or other business entity.  When applying to register your trademark, this is a question that you will need to answer.  There are some good reasons why you should create a business … Read more

Trademark Priority: When Should I Register My Trademark?

trademark priority

In the United States, you get trademark rights by using your trademark in commerce.  When there is a dispute over a trademark, a major issue is determining which party had trademark priority.  In other words, “who established rights first?”  You should file your trademark application as early as possible to prevent a situation where someone else … Read more

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