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Clothing Trademark: Ornamental vs. Trademark Use

Clothing trademark

New business owners often choose to get their start in the clothing industry.  They usually have a catchy name or slogan that they want to put on a shirt.  And like other business owners, they want to protect their brand.  However, it’s important to understand the difference between ornamental use and trademark use for a … Read more

Trademark Value: How Your Brand Translates to Bucks

Trademark Value

Trademarks are the most valuable asset that a business can own.  While that may sound like a bold statement, it is absolutely true.  In one of my first posts, I explained what trademarks are and how they are used.  Now I want to discuss and demonstrate trademark value, and how registration can help to secure that value. … Read more

Cannabis Products/Services and Trademark Registration


Voters approved the use of recreational and medicinal cannabis in many states during this election cycle.  And it seems like that had a major impact on businesses overnight.  I have recently spoken with a number of individuals working on starting their cannabis-related businesses.  And like business owners in other industries, these individuals wanted to secure trademark … Read more

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