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Phoenix Trademark Attorney Services

While Phoenix may be short on rainwater, there is no drought here when it comes to new ideas and new businesses.  Entrepreneurs are moving from all over the country to Arizona and Phoenix in particular.  While new starts can be exciting, it is important to lay a sturdy foundation for your business.  One of those … Read more

Do I Need a Trademark Attorney Near Me?

Trademark Attorney near me

You’ve probably seen or heard a lot of commercials and advertisements for law firms and legal services.  They almost universally end by saying something like “the choice of an attorney is an important one and should not be based solely on advertisements.”  That is very true.  One of the first questions someone in need of … Read more

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Trademark Attorney


Hiring a trademark attorney is a better option than filing your own application.  You are more likely to be successful with your application by working with a professional.  However, there is a wide gap in knowledge, experience, and skill when it comes to the attorneys you might hire.  Trademark law is a great field to … Read more

Finding a Good Trademark Attorney Online

good trademark attorney

If my blog has an overall “theme,” it would be that working with a trademark attorney is an investment that every business needs to make.  I have many posts explaining why you shouldn’t hire LegalZoom or Trademarkia for this important work.  I’ve also covered why you shouldn’t try to do it yourself.  But picking just … Read more

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