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Finding a Good Trademark Attorney Online

good trademark attorney

If my blog has an overall “theme,” it would be that working with a trademark attorney is an investment that every business needs to make.  I have many posts explaining why you shouldn’t hire LegalZoom or Trademarkia for this important work.  I’ve also covered why you shouldn’t try to do it yourself.  But picking just … Read more

The Flat Fee Trademark Pricing Philosophy

Flat fee trademark

My practice focuses on helping mostly small businesses to protect their trademarks and to help them avoid trademark infringement.  I understand the concerns that these business owners have about cost, because I am also a small business owner.  That is why I offer flat fee trademark services to my clients as much as possible.  Cost … Read more

Trademark Attorney Success With Applications Is Higher

Trademark Attorney Success

There are many benefits to successfully registering your trademark with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.  That is why applicants file hundreds of thousands of trademark applications each year.  There are no requirements that you hire an attorney to file your trademark application.  In fact, many people (called pro se applicants) choose to do it themselves. … Read more

Do I Need a Trademark Attorney Near Me?

Trademark Attorney near me

“Do I need to hire a trademark attorney near me?”  Businesses and individuals often ask me whether location matters when finding a trademark attorney.  You may have noticed in my About Me section that I am located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Although I moved from St. Louis to Phoenix, the clients I work with are not … Read more

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