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Should I Trademark My Logo or Words?

Trademark Logo

Clients frequently ask me whether they should focus on obtaining a registration for their name or for their trademark logo.  I think that most people will instinctively focus on the logo first.  That may be because more work is goes into creating them.  And they are often very distinctive, too.  In many cases, they can actually include the … Read more

Can I Make Trademark Changes to My Application/Registration?

Trademark Changes

The best time to mold and create your brand is before you start your business.  This includes performing a trademark search to see if your chosen business name is available for registration.  It also includes filing your trademark application and going through the registration process.  All of this can (and in most cases should) be done … Read more

What Is a Generic Trademark? When Are Marks Generic?

Generic Trademark

As I discussed in a previous post, not all trademarks are created equal.  While Apple for computers is very distinctive, there are some trademarks that are not distinctive enough to warrant any associated trademark rights.  We call these generic trademarks.  No one can protect or enforce trademark rights to a generic mark.  In fact, a … Read more

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