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What Is a Consent and Coexistence Agreement?

coexistence agreement

Trademark disputes between businesses with similar names or other trademarks are not that uncommon.  You can see these issues in the news on a daily basis.  Often these disputes end up with some kind of settlement between the parties.  A common way they are settled is with a “consent” or “coexistence” agreement.  This may in … Read more

What Does Having Your Trademark Application Suspended Mean?

application suspended

Because there aren’t enough variables in the trademark application process, I want to discuss an important aspect many people don’t know about.  This blog post focuses on when and why you might have your trademark application suspended at the USPTO.  Let’s start by discussing what “suspension” means exactly. What Does It Mean to Have Your … Read more

Is There a Way to Save My Abandoned Application?

abandoned application

Although trademarks are the top priority on this corner of the web, for most people that simply isn’t the case.  If you have filed a trademark application, you need to pay attention to the various requirements and deadlines that you will face.  It is very easy to miss these things if you are not experienced … Read more

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