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CBD Trademarks and Hemp Trademarks Face Delays

CBD trademarks

If you sell hemp or cannabidiol (CBD) products, then you already know that the law is rapidly changing.  The Trademark Office is currently working to keep up with these changes.  If you have recently filed or want to file a trademark application for hemp or CBD trademarks, be prepared for delays.  There are also a … Read more

Checking Your Trademark Status at the USPTO

trademark status

If you have filed your U.S. trademark application through the Trademark Office at, then you will obviously want to check your trademark status from time to time.  If you provided your email address at the time you filed, then you should be notified of any updates.  However, most people will want to be able … Read more

Principal Register vs. the Supplemental Register

Principal Register

In an earlier post, I introduced the concept of trademark distinctiveness.  Distinctiveness for trademarks is a spectrum.  The more distinctive a mark, the stronger that trademark is.  These stronger trademarks have unique names. That is what makes them distinctive.  The names are unrelated to the products/services they are sold with.  Good examples include Kodak for cameras, or Buick … Read more

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