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Do I Need a Common Law Trademark Search?

common law trademark search

If you are looking for a trademark attorney, you will notice that they offer several types of trademark search services.  The most common searches are: common law, state, and federal.  While my practice focuses on the latter, today I want to discuss the common law trademark search. What Is the Common Law Trademark Search? To … Read more

Bad Trademark Search Results? There’s No Such Thing

Trademark Search Results

One thing that I commonly hear from clients is that it is difficult to come up with a good trademark.  When going through the trademark search process it can sometimes seem like “all the good ones are taken.”  Running into conflicts every time you think of a new name can quickly become frustrating.  However, trademark … Read more

TESS Trademark Search Demonstration

TESS trademark search

In a previous post, I discussed the knockout search as a great way to begin researching potential trademarks.  It consists of some basic trademark search techniques that you can do yourself.  The TESS trademark search is very helpful if you know how to use it.  By using the TESS trademark search, you can eliminate marks that … Read more

Is a Secretary of State Trademark Search Good Enough?

Secretary of State trademark

Today’s blog post is kind of like a Mythbusters segment.  I want to address a common misconception about trademark searches.  The misconception is that doing a Secretary of State trademark search using the “corporation search” will prevent you from infringing upon someone else’s trademark rights.  That is simply not true.  But I still hear this from … Read more

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