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Why Should I Register My Online Business Trademark?

online business trademark

A good percentage of my clients operate online-only businesses.  These include businesses that make and sell products through their own websites, Amazon, or other similar platforms.  I also work with businesses that offer services online, such as website design, marketing services, or providing software-related services.  In fact, my own trademark law practice is conducted almost … Read more

SCOTUS Lowers Bar for Trademark Infringement Damages

infringement damages

Whenever there is an important Supreme Court ruling in trademark law, I like to write summaries about the case.  Recently, the Supreme Court made its ruling in Romag Fasteners, Inc. v. Fossil Group, Inc.  This case dealt with trademark infringement damages, and when they can be awarded.  Before this case, there was a split in the … Read more

Trademark Plus Reviews Overwhelmingly Negative

Trademark Plus

Although I have spent a lot of time blogging about the dangers of DIY/document prep trademark services like LegalZoom or Trademark Engine, it is clear that these big non-law firms aren’t going anywhere soon.  In fact, this industry appears to be growing.  Unfortunately, so is the number of customers that have had poor experiences because … Read more

What Is Acquired Distinctiveness for Trademarks?

Acquired Distinctiveness

The Trademark Office may reject your application for many reasons.  Several of these have to do with the distinctiveness of your trademark.  If you have a mark that is not inherently distinctive, you may need to seek registration on the Supplemental Register.  However, there are some cases where a trademark gains “acquired distinctiveness,” also referred to … Read more

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