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USPTO Delays Cause Headaches for Applicants

USPTO delays

The United States Patent & Trademark Office is, generally speaking, a pretty reliable government agency.  It generates its own revenue in the form of trademark and patent filing fees.  This allows it to stay open, even during government shutdowns in the recent past.  The USPTO occasionally suffers from I.T. issues around its electronic filing system.  … Read more

What Is a Trademark Disclaimer Requirement?

disclaimer requirement

There are many reasons that you might receive an office action once your trademark application has been reviewed.  A common reason for which you might receive an office action is that the Trademark Examining Attorney is requiring a disclaimer.  Entering a disclaimer is easy and a no-brainer in most cases.  However, disclaimers are important and … Read more

Using Design Marks to Avoid Descriptiveness Refusals

design marks

When a new business seeks protection for its trademark, generally we start with protection for its name.  The name is usually their most commercially valuable trademark.  Also, there are many reasons to start with the name itself, rather than a logo that incorporates the name.  However, in some cases it may make more sense to … Read more

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