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Top 3 St. Louis Cardinals Trademarks We Need

Well, it’s finally here! We are just a few hours away from first pitch, with my St. Louis Cardinals taking on the Pirates in Pittsburgh.  Opening Day has always been one of my favorite not-officially-recognized national holidays, so for today I thought I would have a little fun.  There are a number of St. Louis Cardinals trademarks that have been registered.  These include: ST. LOUIS CARDINALS (of course), FREDBIRD, and even RALLY SQUIRREL (for drinkware including coffee mugs, oddly enough).  But what trademark registrations are missing from their portfolio?  Here are some ideas I had for new St. Louis Cardinals trademarks, and the products they would be associated with:

1. WAINO IS BUENO for margaritas.  Anyone that has tuned in to a Cardinals game in the last decade already knows how sweet it is when Adam Wainwright is on the mound.  And this is a drink that would be just as sweet, with a sugar rim.  The drink reflects that when you’ve got an ace like Wainwright pitching, you can prop your feet up, kick back, and relax, because it is typically smooth sailing.  I think the WAINO IS BUENO margarita would be a great addition to the refreshment offerings at Busch Stadium, and I expect that the Cardinals will have this up and running before the season is over.

2. MATTS MATTED IN for Matt-themed gameday scorecards.  If there’s one thing the St. Louis Cardinals have more of than grit, it’s guys named Matt that can hit baseballs.  With a lineup that will occasionally hit Matts-capacity (I’m truly sorry for that one), being 33.333% Matt, this product seems like a no-brainer.  This special scorecard would feature photos of Matts Carpenter, Holliday, and Adams knocking the cover off the ball.  And of course it would have an extra box where you could track Matts Matted In, which would set it apart from your standard scorecard.  I think I’ve made my case.

3. STEPHEN BISCOTTI for a baseball-themed cafe and bakery.  This is another one that would help give Busch Stadium a unique concession experience.  Personally, I am content with some nachos with cheese and jalapenos when I go to the game.  However, there is probably a market out there for the coffee addicts that need their caffeine fix, even on a hot July afternoon.  And maybe allergies prevent you from enjoying your “peanuts and Cracker Jack,” so you grab a scone or a muffin instead?  On second thought, this one might be going a little too far…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my list of proposed St. Louis Cardinals trademarks, and that you are able to enjoy today’s game.  Go Cards!  And, as always, if you have a trademark issue that you would like to discuss, please call me at (480) 360-3499, email me at, or complete the contact form found on this page to schedule your free initial consultation.  I look forward to speaking with you.

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