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Trademark Engine Reviews Reveal Unhappy Customers

While many of my posts revolve around the dangers of DIY trademark services, sometimes I like to switch things up.  Occasionally, I like to look at what the customers of these services (like LegalZoom, Trademarkia, and LegalForce) are saying.  Spoiler alert: it’s usually not very good.

For transparency, I found these reviews on Trademark Engine’s Yelp page at the time that I am writing this post.  They were the only reviews posted there at that time.

Is Trademark Engine Actually Making the Application Process More Difficult?

Be wary. I used this agency for a trademark effort. It was all automated and the information I was allowed to submit via their forms was intentionally drafted so the filer cannot complete it to the satisfaction of the US Trademark Office which WILL result in a refusal of your trademark.

Because this company does not provide you with the appropriate means to file a complete application, guaranteeing you will be denied your trademark – then your information, name, phone number, email addresses, mailing address is all made pubic record. Since I was declined my trademark (Trademark Engine only allowed me to submit one demonstration of commercial use of my intended trademark) I have been mass emailed by attorneys, called my law offices, and virtually bombarded with offers to file a dispute for hundreds of dollars more- on top of what I paid Trademark engine.

I’d qualify this company and others like it as predatory. (1-star out of 5)

This Trademark Engine review contains a criticism that I have heard from the Trademark Office about these services.  The applications that are submitted using these DIY/document preparation services are almost always deficient in some way that will require further action on behalf of the applicant.  Unfortunately, the fees paid for filing the application typically do not also cover responding to an office action.  That can be very frustrating as a customer, especially when the need for additional services would be obvious to anyone with familiarity with the registration process.  That is why my application fee includes responses to office actions that are administrative in nature.

Lack of Transparent Pricing

I start the ordering process for trademark registration but didn’t get to the very end and already was charged. They acted completely unfairly as they put all the hidden fees at the very end of the questionnaire after they already charged you by your cc information.

I sent them over five email asking for refund and saying I don’t need any service and still being charged $150. (1-star out of 5)

Part of the reason that Trademark Engine and others are able to charge such seemingly low rates for their services is that the initial charge is just the beginning.  Many places on their site advertise their low fees in big bold colors without even a mention of the government filing fee or above a small gray “+ USPTO filing fees.”  Okay… but what are the USPTO filing fees?  And what additional services will you have to purchase to actually get your trademark registration?  This Trademark Engine review calls into question the way their services are priced and advertised.

Can I Get a Refund?

Crooked as a stick in the water. Thanks for the 277.00. Oh yeah by the way you will be charged another 275.00, oh and also will let you know then what your next step is. STAY AWAY…. Now I get to spend the day tomorrow disputing with Amex because there is no link on their site to cancel the order, Oh and by the way only our fees are all that is refundable. Read other reviews of people not receiving refunds for over 8 months, wish I could give a -5 star review.

I think that this Trademark Engine review speaks for itself.  I believe that the way that you avoid requests for refunds from clients is to be up front about your pricing, respond to them when they have questions, and do not charge them without express permission.  That is why I believe in the flat-fee pricing model.  It eliminates uncertainty for both me and my clients.

If These Trademark Engine Reviews Have Shaken Your Confidence, Try Talking to a Real Trademark Attorney

I would be happy to assist you with obtaining your registration, and can provide you with the legal guidance necessary to do so.  If you want personalized service from a knowledgeable attorney instead of relying on a series of online forms, please call me at (480) 360-3499, email me at, or complete the contact form found on this page to schedule your free initial consultation today.  I look forward to speaking with you.

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