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Can I Assign a Trademark Application?


Trademark assignment is the process by which one party transfers its trademark rights to another party.  The assignment is a contract, which can cover a few different items.  It may be an assignment of common law trademark rights.  There may also be a federal trademark registration involved, as well.  You can even assign a trademark … Read moreCan I Assign a Trademark Application?

Should I Ever Call a Trademark Owner?

trademark owner

The last few weeks I have had several conversations with prospective clients that have made a major mistake.  When conducting their own common law or knockout searches, they found potentially conflicting trademarks.  But instead of consulting with an attorney, they then contacted the trademark owner directly.  There are various reasons why you might be tempted to … Read moreShould I Ever Call a Trademark Owner?

Trademark Engine Reviews Reveal Unhappy Customers

Trademark Engine Reviews

While many of my posts revolve around the dangers of DIY trademark services, sometimes I like to switch things up.  Occasionally, I like to look at what the customers of these services (like LegalZoom, Trademarkia, and LegalForce) are saying.  Spoiler alert: it’s usually not very good. For transparency, I found these reviews on Trademark Engine’s … Read moreTrademark Engine Reviews Reveal Unhappy Customers

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