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Top 6 Reasons to Avoid LegalZoom Trademark Services


In recent years, companies like LegalZoom have started to change the legal industry by offering “do-it-yourself” legal services.  But according to LegalZoom’s own advertisements, they are not a law firm.  And even though they admit that they are not a law firm, they claim to be able to assist you like an attorney would, while … Read more

Trademarks and Movie Trends: Hollywood’s Brand Reliance


A couple conversations I’ve had with friends in the last week or two inspired me to do a post here about films.  I’m certainly not a movie buff, but watching them is a hobby I really enjoy.  In the last few years, I believe that trademarks have had a major impact on the direction of Hollywood, and … Read more

Schlafly Trademark Dispute Goes Beyond Family Feud

Schlafly Trademark

This is a new type of post that I might do from time to time: reviews of big trademark cases in the news.  I’m hoping to break down some trademark stories you may have heard about.  But I want to do that in a way that’s easy to understand.  And I want it to be entertaining.  The Schlafly trademark … Read more

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