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Do I Need a Trademark Attorney Near Me?

Trademark Attorney near me

“Do I need to hire a trademark attorney near me?”  Businesses and individuals often ask me whether location matters when finding a trademark attorney.  You may have noticed in my About Me section that I am located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Although I moved from St. Louis to Phoenix, the clients I work with are not … Read more

Trademark Rights: Common Law vs. Registration

Trademark Rights

In a previous post, I explained what trademarks are, and their importance to businesses.  But how does one go about getting the trademark rights?  Is there a form you have to fill out?  Do you have to know a guy?  In this post, I will briefly go over trademarks that are based in common law, and those that … Read more

What Are the Different Types of Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property

Most people have never consulted with an intellectual property attorney, but still understand the most basic principle of “IP”: that creations or inventions are owned like you might own a house or a baseball card collection.  The terms “copyright,” “patent,” and “trademark” protect different kinds of intellectual property.  Each week I see examples of writers for respectable publications using these … Read more

What Are Trademarks? Why Are They Important?


The most common question about trademarks is probably also the most basic: what are they?  The “impress your friends” answer to that question is that trademarks are typically a word (or words), phrase, logo, or symbol used in connection with the advertisement or sale of goods or services, and acts as an indicator of the source of those goods … Read more

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