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What Is a Primarily Geographically Descriptive Refusal?

geographically descriptive

The Trademark Office rejects trademark applications for a wide variety of reasons.  If the attorney reviewing your application decides to reject it, you will receive an office action.  At that point, you will need to address all of the issues raised in the office action for your application to move forward.  One reason your application … Read more

USPTO Changes Specimen Requirements for Websites

website specimen requirements

Once you submit your trademark application, The Trademark Office will examine it to ensure that it meets a number of standards.  If it does not, the attorney assigned to your application will issue what is referred to as an “office action.”  This document lists the problems that must be resolved for your application to move … Read more

What Is a “Merely Descriptive” Refusal? Can I Overcome It?

merely descriptive

There are many reasons why your trademark application might be rejected.  One of the most common rejections occurs when your mark is merely descriptive of your products/services.  As previously discussed, trademarks have varying levels of distinctiveness.  The more unique/distinctive the trademark, the more protection that trademark receives.  However, the opposite is also true: less distinctive … Read more

What Is a Specimen Refusal? What Are My Options?

specimen refusal

There are many reasons why a trademark application may be rejected by the USPTO. The “specimen refusal” is one of the more common rejections.  Applicants that file without the help of a trademark attorney frequently run into this problem. In this post, I will explain the purpose of the specimen, look at some of the … Read more

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